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Class 9: Karma

"The law of cause and effect in physics when carried to subtler levels is the law of Karma. It is the law of 'reap as you sow'."

The law of Karma leaves no room for fatalism of any kind. The law of Karma states that 'you are the planter of the seed and you are the reaper of the deed'. You make or mar your own future. Your present circumstances, apparently pleasant or unpleasant, are the result of your past actions. This clearly means that your efforts in the present moment determine what and where you will be in the future.

One might say that all of life is the operation of the law of Karma. Karma is like a vast trap in which all of us are caught although the bonds are subtle. We cannot remain without action even for a single moment. The action may be physical or the action may be mental. If one has to reap what one has sown it would appear that there is no end to this chain of Karma. However, the law of Karma states that if you do good action without attachment we can get rid of this trap of Karma.

If you think that someone has done you any wrong or you think he has spoken ill about you, do not be in a hurry to blame the person at once. The law of Karma does not work in a narrow way. Your first consideration should be, perhaps you are reaping as you have sown in the past. Maybe it is the working out of some past Karmic account. If you get into this habit you do not involve yourself into further bad sowings which you may have to reap.

The laws of the super-physical realm are as true as the laws of the physical realm. They are inviolable. You connive at them only at the risk of great harm to yourself. If someone asks you to jump from a skyscraper you are going to say `no', because you believe that the law of gravity operates and you will be hurt. Even if you do not believe in the law of gravity, the law of gravity believes in you and it operates. People are not aware of the law of `reap as you sow' which is a law in the super-physical realm. Because of his ignorance one may not hesitate to do wrong action. However, the super-physical law believes in him and he has to pay the price for the wrong action. You may pay sooner or later but pay you will.

"Any intense Karma, good or bad, fructifies within a short time.

Elementary physics swears by the law of cause and effect. However, when physics enters the realm of microparticles, that is, when it is quantum physics, we recognize that the law of cause and effect as we normally understand, does not operate. This is sometimes termed as indeterminacy. However, this indeterminacy is upheld by some Omnipotent Will. The religions sometimes call this God. The law of Karma states that "Repent and you shall be forgiven". This is Grace. This may be compared to the nullifying of the law of cause and effect in the realm of microparticles where the so-called indeterminacy works as manifestation of the one Omnipotent Will. When the mind takes the total coloration of Love we enter a higher state of consciousness and Grace operates. Love and attachment are two different things. Love without attachment cleanses the mind of all its former grooves and the law of Grace operates.

Do action for self-purification. Let there be no ego about it. The doer-ship of 'I' has to go. Then you become a fitter instrument of this one Omnipotent Will. The reactions of your mind to all circumstances and conditions take the total coloration of Love.

When it is said that you do Karma for self purification one might say "Will this take away all fun from my life? Will I be able to enjoy this world if I have to do every action for self purification?" One might ask a counter question. "How far are you enjoying the world now when you are not guided by this purification?" Despite material plenty there is so much misery. Disease and psychiatry are eating up the sap of life. There is so much misery around us. No one seems to be in a state of happiness which is not followed by unhappiness. Every time it is a few tingling sensations of pleasure followed by much misery. Misery is the symptom of the disease. The disease is bondage, attachment.

The result of an action which you have done in the past becomes your destiny in the future. An action done yesterday becomes your destiny today. An action in the last minute becomes your destiny this minute. It is always reap as you sow.

Destiny is the unfoldment of the fructification of past karma. The working out of destiny is to be viewed in the context of the flux of Omnipotent Will. By proper use of free will, that is, by doing intense good Karma without attachment, the pangs of destiny disappear.

Intellect and action affect each other. Bad action weakens the power of intellect to choose between right and wrong. Bad action weakens our ability to continue to do the right action despite provocation, as a groove is created in the mind. Clouded intellect pushes us to commit further wrong action. We thus get involved into a series of bad Karma, bad sowings that we have to reap. Even if there is a wrong thought see that it is not translated into action. No doubt, the thought will have its effect but the action will make things worse. Thought precedes action and hence, purification has to reach the thinking process. Mere resolutions to change our ways are not enough. They have to be backed up by resolute practice. Good thoughts have an effect but when they are translated into action a mechanism starts operating in the subtler realm and this reinforces our will power.

Good Karma sets up a new pattern in the mind which reinforces the potency of good thoughts. Hence, an attempt needs to be made to change the habit pattern which we think is not in harmony with our progress on our new path.

It does not require much will power to do the right thing if the person is wise. If someone offers us nice and tasty food but we come to know that there is a drop of poison in it, it does not require much strength of will to reject that food. Similarly, if we are aware that the law of reap as you sow is inviolable it will not require much will power to desist us from doing a bad action.

To help yourself try these positive actions:

You work forty hours in a week for the boss. Work for a few hours for yourself. Spend this time in the company of fellow travellers on the new path. Do some work with them or for them and receive no material benefit from that work.
- Never hanker after recognition. It does not matter whether people respect you. You cannot demand respect. It is earned. Make sure that you show proper respect to others.
Do not discuss in public about your own progress on the path.
- While moving about in the world doing what you consider to be your duty, try to inculcate contentment in life. Say to yourself 'I have done my duty. There is nothing better that I can do.'
Avoid discussing shortcomings of others.
- Do not waste time over discussing with others again and again routine matters relating to your work, profession, service, etc.
Choose a fixed time for sitting quiet with closed eyes every day practicing meditation. Avoid too much food, too much sleep, too much talk, too much worry.


Take note how much energy is wasted in:

Earning more money
- Caring for self-recognition
Worrying over things. People tire themselves out more by worry than by work.

Avoid worry over:

Financial and other material losses
- Name and fame that you might have earned in the past
Bodily disease that troubles you

Purification of the mind does not necessarily come through intellectual exercise. It is possible that the sharpened intellect can lead to chicanery. Hence, it is the purification of intellect that matters on the Path. Purification is getting out of the grips of desires that haunt us all the time. Purification does not come by gathering knowledge from more and more branches of science. Purification begins by reducing attachments to worldly possessions. This puts us into the habit of doing good Karma all the time. Proper use of free will is the only way to get out of the trap of KARMA. Proper use of free will means learning to reduce attachments to our actions and doing things in a spirit of service. It means reducing the capering frolic of the mind to hanker after pleasure through sense gratification. The fountain of Joy is within you.

Often for the alcoholic/drug user, their lives have been wrecked, careers lost and marriages ravaged by irresponsible behavior. Once an addict begins the recovery process, it is not long before he takes a good, hard look at the wreckage he's left behind. Good Karma is an effort that needs to be consciously practiced and it begins with oneself. First, the alcoholic/addict needs to take full responsibility for his past behavior, even though it hurts a great deal to look at it. To practice "Love thy neighbor as thyself' he must begin to love himself. Previously he would have been Hell bent upon self-destruction, defying the natural instinctive desire we all have for self-preservation.

Getting straight and helping others is good Karma. Getting straight and helping others helps to sublimate our desires. Getting straight and helping others will bring joy to our lives.



No preaching
- No proselytizing
Only with all humility will we truly help those who wish to be helped.

And how do we help?

By offering support to learn what we have learned - that's all - no counseling!!! No counseling!!! Just information about how you stay straight.

The Teacher will now introduce the idea of going into the community to help and work.