The Homa Therapy in-residence drug/alcohol de-addiction program.

Teachers Guide

Class 4: Introduction to Agnihotra

The performance of Agnihotra is not a matter of belief. It is a matter of experience. Therefore, we ask no one to believe anything except what they experience. The best way to teach Agnihotra is to simply perform it and offer those interested the materials necessary to practice Agnihotra themselves for a two week trial period.

The science of Homa Therapy is based upon the laws of physics and has been extracted from the Vedas which is the ancientmost body of knowledge known to mankind. This ancient wisdom states, "Mind is subtle matter and could be molded by material means such as Homa Therapy."

The premise in simple terms is that man is not separate from his environment, including the atmosphere and going a step beyond atmosphere, he is not separate from the life energy that pulsates through the atmosphere and connects man to the cosmos. Vedas refer to this energy as PRANA.

"Electronic computers can analyze certain brain functions now, never before recorded. Much scientific development points to several new fields of research and the analysis of man on a subhuman level. Now the scientist will translate all this into simple language and will understand what the ancient masters and prophets emphasized--that man's `extra material' existence is not to be questioned. One can go a step further and say there is no such thing as a difference between the material and the spiritual. These are divisions created by mind. When we use the word spiritual we wish to make it clear that this is something different from what we understand today as `religious'. The so called `religious' aspect of man may differ from person to person but the spiritual makeup of all mankind is the same."

This process which scientific thinking is undergoing now is bound to strengthen the holistic and unified approach to creation. Then what we call 'thought' would appear to be a 'thing'. Perhaps, then it would be easier for the scientist to understand how Homa Therapy works.

"Scientists have begun to realize that there are various subtle energy manipulations which cannot at present be recorded on their instrumentation. The scientist can either deny their existence or he can recognize the limitations of human intellect until some other faculty dawns. The latter would be the scientific approach."

In Homa Therapy the basic tool is Agnihotra, the copper pyramid fire tuned to rhythms of nature corresponding to sunrise/sunset. Out of a normal state of matter it produces an ideal state of matter which allows energy transformation at a different level. Science today is still in darkness concerning this and other laws of energy but the day is near when the light of this knowledge will be revealed to the scientists. Homa Therapy is based on this knowledge.

"Time has come when science has to be the guiding light for our lifestyle and not superstition as it is today"

The science of medicine taken from the Vedas, known as Ayurveda, states that by inducing a beneficial change in the atmosphere you bring about a change in the functioning of Prana (life energy). Prana and mind may be considered like two sides of the same coin. Whatever affects one will automatically affect the other. Therefore, if you induce a beneficial change into the atmosphere, the beneficial effect is automatically transposed to the realm of the mind.

If we think about ourselves, or better yet our mind, as being part of it's surroundings it would behoove us to take a closer look at what surrounds us, namely the polluted atmosphere. Please remember that our goal is to train the mind how to react positively to all circumstances in life. The ancient science of bioenergy tells us that pollution has a direct bad effect on the mind. It is no secret that the planet is in serious trouble because of the polluted atmosphere and other natural resources.

Agnihotra heals the atmosphere and the atmosphere heals you. By participating in the Homa Therapy Drug/Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program you are automatically placed in a healing atmosphere. The trick is to take it with you when you leave. The explanation of Agnihotra that we offer is merely to satisfy the intellect. The real test of the effectiveness of Agnihotra comes from it's performance.

Those who have developed the Homa Therapy In-residence Deaddiction Program have stated that,


Agnihotra is to be performed exactly at sunrise or sunset. You can find these timings in an almanac which should be adjusted to local time or you may consult the nearest weather station. We would be glad to give you the timings for sunrise/sunset, if you can provide us with the longitude and latitude of your location. Computer programs based in all continents follow the specific definition of sunrise/sunset as given in the Vedic science of medicine. You can get a free computer printout for your area.

There are three disciplines involved in the performance of Agnihotra: 1) burning of specific substances in a copper pyramid of fixed size, 2) Mantras and 3) specific timings corresponding to one circadian rhythm of nature, i.e., sunrise/sunset. If you miss the timing then you are not performing Agnihotra and you will not experience the healing effects of the process or the medicinal properties of the resultant ash.

People with professional backgrounds can easily document the surprising effect of Agnihotra atmosphere on the neurological system of man.

There has been much written about Agnihotra. Some interesting quotes from various publications are listed below:

"Scientists, if they like, can come to the Baltimore area where round the clock Homa is maintained. They can test the air, water, soil. They will be shocked."

"Test the Agnihotra ash with an oscilloscope. There is a sound that comes from the ash. It is the sound that heals. All the other physical things are there, such as nutrients, vitamins, minerals. But the key is the sound."

"Much energy, much positive energy, much healing energy emanates from the Agnihotra Pyramid."

"Psychotherapists can conduct experiments with troubled children and Homa. It will give lasting results."

"Vibratory effects of certain metals such as copper and gold are known to science. When specific substances are burned in a copper pyramid of specific size, accompanied by specific mantras at the exact timing of sunrise and sunset, a specific effect is guaranteed to occur."

Place a piece of gold and copper in front of Agnihotra pyramid prior to performing Agnihotra. Test the copper and gold before this for purity and imperfection. Then perform Agnihotra as we have prescribed. Then again after Agnihotra test the gold and copper. Tell us the results.

The pyramid, that vessel of a particular shape and size, is the generator. It guides and directs the energy in a perfect way, in a direction that has a particular configuration which has an effect on what is really man, the soul.

Agnihotra is the key. It gives us the boost of energy even food cannot deliver.

When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and, on a very subtle level, neutralizes their radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed.

Agnihotra renews the brain cells. It revitalizes the skin. It purifies the blood. It is the holistic approach to life.

Increases in parasitic bacteria due to pollution robs the Earth of its nutrients. Agnihotra atmosphere preserves the nutrients and replenishes them. Pathogenic bacteria and parasitic bacteria are neutralized. Agnihotra gives nourishment to all of creation, both visible and invisible, material and non-material.

One can easily see the effect of Homa on plants. With plants we can be more controlled. We can use methods of photography, Kirlian photography or normal, to illustrate the reactions of the plants to Agnihotra.

The effect of Agnihotra atmosphere and Agnihotra ash on diseased plants can be noticed easily.

"What do we know of the effect of pollution on the mind? We have not yet formulated the necessary parameters to gauge the damage. The pathological changes in the cerebrum and the spinal cord have recently been noted. It is noted that migraine headaches, insomnia, and depression can result from pollution."

Under polluted conditions elements of the Earth begin to change. Agnihotra is a process whereby the molecular components of elements are restructured in a form similar to which they now exist.'

Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A magnetic-type field is created, one which neutralizes negative types of energy and reinforces positive types of energy. Therefore a positive pattern is created by one who does Agnihotra merely by his/her performance.'

The amount of force that is thrust from the Agnihotra pyramid at Agnihotra time, i.e., sunrise and sunset, cannot be harnessed. There is enough energy though from one Agnihotra pyramid fire to give light energy to an entire city.

"The power of life comes from the Agnihotra fire. Just at that time, in that time band, there is so much power coming from the pyramid that it can change the structure and formation of all the atoms, that is, all the substance, stuff call it, that makes up the universe."

"Actually one becomes calm from doing Pranayama (Yoga rhythmic breathing) in Agnihotra atmosphere. The unusual thing is that it is a lasting calmness and very purifying to the blood, brain, lungs, heart and mind."

"The mind is reshaped so nicely, so delicately, so effortlessly by sitting in Agnihotra atmosphere."

"Agnihotra is a way to good health and happy life as it makes things simple and so clear. One doesn't have to believe anything about it. It will help a person in spite of himself."

It is interesting to note that the calming effect Agnihotra has on the mind is precisely what is necessary to enable us to use our power of discrimination and to choose what is really best for us--not what an out of control mind tries to dictate to us.

It is also interesting to note that the practice of scientific Yoga Rhythmic breathing during Agnihotra brings about yet another calm. This combination is so uplifting to the mind that one could say it feels so good (a positive healthy feel good) why would you want to ruin it by bringing yourself down with alcohol or drugs.

The Science of Breath

"The scientist has come to know that in addition to our physical body we are also wearing a second body. Sometimes it is referred to as bioplasma body or bioluminescence. It is beyond the scalpel of the surgeon. For example, if a person's arm has been amputated and you photograph the person with a special type of photography, some energy body can still be seen where the physical arm used to be. It is on this body that emotions appear. Advanced photography could show a different pattern on the second body when love comes rather than when anger comes."

"On this subtle body there is something like a well laid-out nervous system which is called Nadi system. Nadi is the system whereby Prana, or life energy, flows through the body. Ayurveda, the ancient science of medicine, states that the disharmonious flow of Prana causes tension on the mind. Practice of some rhythmic breathing exercises, called Pranayama, relieves this tension on mind."

The science of Yoga states that breath and mind are connected. Breath acts as a lever which has an effect on the subtle body, and the subtle body affects the mind. By learning specific breathing techniques we can gain control of the breath which will help us to become more tranquil and will improve our concentration.

"Another factor that puts tension on the mind is wrong breathing. The average man uses only a small percentage of his breathing capacity. Some rhythmic breathing exercises help us get into the habit of using our lungs to capacity. The increased inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide helps the blood and nervous system. The science of yoga states that our life is measured by the number of breaths, not years. Hence, it is beneficial to breathe deeply. We should always breathe through the nostrils, not through the mouth. Also, ancient Yoga science says that breathing through the mouth excites the mind. To talk, we must breathe through the mouth. If we practice speaking less, the strain on the mind is reduced. There is a saying that we have two ears but only one tongue. Hence, we should listen more and talk less."

Classes are given on proper breathing and exercises are taught to gain control over breath. An example of an exercise is the Retention Breath:

Sit comfortably.

Gently press your right thumb against the right side of your nose. Your index and third fingers are placed between your eyebrows. Your fourth and fifth fingers are kept together above the left side of your nose. Slowly breathe in the left side or your nose counting to 4.

Closing both sides of your nose, hold your breath, counting to 16.
Release your thumb and slowly breathe out, counting to 8.
Slowly breathe in the right side of your nose, counting to 4.
Closing both sides of your nose, hold your breath, counting to 16.
Release your fourth and fifth fingers and slowly breathe out, counting to 8.

You have now completed one round of Retention Breath. When you can do this exercise with ease, increase the count to -- inhale 6, hold 24, exhale 12.