The Homa Therapy in-residence drug/alcohol de-addiction program.

Teachers Guide

Class 11: Investigation of the Practical Implementation of Spiritual Science to improve our Lives

If a preacher does not practice what he preaches he is a fraud.

Discourses on spiritual or religious matters have no meaning unless they are practiced by those who deliver them as well as those who receive them.

We are not interested in discourses or sermons but instead in investigating those disciplines which various Divine Messengers in various parts of the world have given throughout history to help us lead a happy life.

When does a theory become reality? When is reality recognized as fact.

If the same result of a theory occurs time after time after time after time then perhaps there is some validity to the theory.

We are not telling you to do anything. We are only suggesting that you investigate for yourself and believe what you experience. For example, try Agnihotra for two weeks then decide.

Other disciplines that have proven to bring about favorable results for those who have created this program are not new. They are aspects of Tapa (self discipline) that help us to gain control over our senses.

One Tapa that can be tried immediately to improve our lives is truth. Telling the truth brings immediate beneficial results because it unburdens the mind. No longer does one need to consider telling the truth or telling a lie. Spiritual discipline recognizes no categories in lying, i.e., white lies, black lies, etc.

Telling truth goes beyond the black and white. It includes manipulation and slanderous talk. If you bring the mind into it and then action, truth becomes not only the means but the end. An example of untruthful behavior is to pretend to be something we are not. It is easy to see how ones whole life can be altered by such an action.

Example: You wish to impress a new girlfriend so you tell her you are the big boss at your office and she believes you. Knowing that you work for a big company and knowing that the big boss makes in excess of $100,000.00 a year she begins to take a liking to you and what you have accomplished. Her previous boyfriend made similar money and now she is attracted to someone who can keep her maintaining the style of living that she is accustomed to. Problem is, you are not the big boss. You are not even close. You wear nice clothes and you drive a new car, but you can only afford it because you still live at home with your mother. So you start to date anyhow and have a good time. You start to fall in love, but then something happens. The truth is out. You are exposed and your girlfriend never wants to see you again, and here you are in love. So what did you accomplish with the lie. Perhaps by being yourself a very nice lady would have happened into your life who did not care that you were the big boss and because you were busy living a lie you missed the chance to meet her and now you are miserable.

Example: You lie to get a job; you get the job. The job dictates that you move to Alaska, so you move to Alaska. You hate it and your girlfriend hates it, and you are miserable. Meanwhile, you are now making $100,000.00 a year and spending $110,000.00. You want to go home and make the same amount of money, but you can't because what you do for $100,000.00 a year is only worth that in Alaska and because you owe $110,000.00 a year you must stay in Alaska and pay off your debt. Your girlfriend leaves you to go home and there you are, in Alaska, by yourself. You get lonely so you start to date an Eskimo. The Eskimo gets pregnant and you have Eskimo twins. Meanwhile, you still hate Alaska and did not love your Eskimo girlfriend to begin with, but you do love the Eskimo twins. The Eskimo wife figures out that you do not love her and she takes your Eskimo twins and splits, leaving you all by yourself again and without the only fulfillment you have had in life--your Eskimo twins--now what? A job offer comes along, and if you tell a lie you can probably get the job, because you know the records are frozen and nobody will check. So now, What to do? The job offer is in Florida and you hate Alaska, but you have to tell a lie to get there. What do you do??


If we turn to the Masters, those Divine Messengers we have been talking about, what do they say:

"You shall speak no word that is false but shall speak the truth with discretion and with a loving heart."

Precepts of Buddha 4,6,7

"The truth shall make you free."

John 8:32

Satyasa Navaha Sukrtamapiparan (truth)

Rgveda 9:73:1

"Truth alone becomes victorious and not falsehood."

Mundak Upanishad III-1-6


Don't you think these guys were on to something?

When we speak we are utilizing a unique gift given to man. By thinking more about what is said by us and to us, we begin to observe our speech patterns. We begin to see how much energy is consumed in idle talk and in talking about ourselves (vain talk). As we talk less about ourselves we begin to hear what others are saying and we can observe through 100% truthful speech and behavior, how our lives could have gone astray by the telling of even one little lie (that culminates into a one way trip to Alaska).

"But let your communication be yea, yea: nay, nay; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."

Matthew 5:37

Many addicts have much to say about nothing and have put together lives based on lies and grandiosity. If you wish to have mental peace start today the practice of truthfulness and these other disciplines of being truthful.

Avoid misrepresenting matters.

Control your tongue and watch how misunderstandings with others become less and less a part of your life.

Tell the truth in a palatable manner.

Talk less about yourself and while speaking do not attempt to show how important you are.

Stop describing the faults of other people. (By doing this you are only trying to show that you are superior.)