The Homa Therapy in-residence drug/alcohol de-addiction program.

Cleansing Diet for the Homa Therapy in-residence drug/alcohol de-addiction program

Diet for the drug/alcohol addict is an important aspect of recovery which should not be overlooked. Compared with all other diets, vegetarianism is best because of its potential cleansing effect on body and mind. A vegetarian diet assists in providing a more rapid and thorough elimination of drugs/alcohol from the system.

Introduction to the Diet Plan

An addict will be going through physical changes. The Homa Therapy vegetarian diet will help to facilitate this process. This diet is not a radical cleansing regimen and therefore, will not create undo stress. The diet is a moderate rational approach to gradual dietary change for healthful living.

Patients should write down some of their favorite foods, listing their favorite ones first. From that list the facilitators can devise a menu plan which would often include many of these same meals with the exception of meat. This can be accomplished with little or no sacrifice to enjoyment and an actual increase in healthfulness. For example: Pasta dishes can easily accommodate vegetables and cheese instead of hamburger. Mexican foods have an affinity for different types of beans or vegetables. Chinese style vegetables are balanced and nutritionally complete with whole grains, tofu, or beans.

There are numerous meat substitutes for sandwiches which includes falafel or hummus, sunflowcr burgers, tempeh (a cultured soybean product), and other types of tasty vegetarian burgers.

Initially, part of the participants education simply involves being exposed to these new food variations on old themes. Also, they can begin to learn the whys and wherefores for becoming a vegetarian. Gradually, those who show an interest in cooking can begin to participate in the preparation of meals and to learn specific recipes, simple and complex cooking techniques and nutritional information.


Daily Program

Listed below is a sample daily program based on sunrise timing of 7:00 AM and sunset at 4:45 PM.


4:45 Wake Up
5:00 Morning Mantras
5:15 Personal Hygiene
6:30 Sunrise Agnihotra
7:15 Hatha Yoga
8:00 Breakfast & Cleanup
8:45 Walk
9:00 Mind Training Class
10:00 Vyahruti Homa & 15 minute Meditation 10:15 Physical Activity (Work)*
11:30 Vegetarian Food Preparation


12:00 Vyahruti Homa & 15 minute Vibrational Therapy or Meditation/Relaxation
12:30 Lunch & Cleanup
1:30 Walk
2:00 Physical Activity (Work)*
3:00 Vyahruti Homa & 15 minute Meditation
3:15 Work Study Program
4:00 Class on Concentration, Meditation Techniques
4:45 Physical Activity (Work)*
5:45 Agnihotra
6:15 Vegetarian Food Preparation
7:00 Dinner & Cleanup
7:30 Personal Conferences
8:00 Alcoholics Anonymous Study & General Meeting
9:00 Vyahruti Homa & Vibrational Therapy
9:15 Personal Time for Reading/Writing
10:00 Lights Out

*Type of physical activity depends upon the location and environment of the center. Typical activities would be gardening, cleaning, carpentry, etc., depending on skill level.