The Homa Therapy in-residence drug/alcohol de-addiction program.

The Seven Guidelines

In order to participate in the Homa Therapy In-residence Drug/Alcohol Deaddiction Program we only ask that you have a sincere desire to become healthy and recover from whatever (addiction) that has hold of you.

Our diseased thinking, clouded by the use of drugs and alcohol, has caused a myriad of problems for us and those we love. We may have lost jobs, spouses, the respect of our peers and of our children. We may have met with financial ruin or public disgrace because of our addiction. Whatever has been your experience, you are not alone. We have been there.

So, why do we drink and take drugs and why can't we stop?

We drink or take drugs to alter our state of mind. The causes of wanting to bring about an altered state are varied and many. In this program, we want to get to concrete matters without wasting time. The question is, What are we to do now?

First we come to recognize that alcohol and drugs have taken control of our minds and that we have become subservient to our addictions. They lead us around by the nose, wreaking havoc in our lives. So, why can't we stop?

The root of the problem, of why we want to change our state of mind, is that we are unhappy with our present state. The mind is telling us it wants a change.

The mind is in grooves of habit and it likes to stay there. Our intention is to remove grooves of habit and replace them with good habits that bring about happiness and fulfillment.

A critical step in our recovery is observing how the mind works. As we work this program, observance of the mind is always our aim. If we can observe how the mind pulls us to do things against our own intellect and our own will, then we at least have a chance to stop it. If you cannot see or understand how the mind works, it is difficult to gain control over it.

For us a detailed roadmap to happiness and freedom from our addictions is the need of the hour. Therefore, we have developed the Seven Guidelines of the Homa Therapy In-residence Drug/Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program.

Our aim for every person is to:

  • Remove psychological dependence
    Treat the emotionally insecure state of the person and lead him to better health
    Develop new habits to make social interaction smoother and increase efficiency
    Train the mind how to react positively to every circumstance of life



Realize our addiction(s) have gained control over us and that we no longer wish to remain powerless.

The realization that whatever you are addicted to has control of you.

Let us distinguish between a "habit" and an obsession. An addiction is a habit that has become an obsession.

In the "habit" stage normally we can say to ourselves, "I need to lose 10 lbs." and go about doing it. Or a person with a habit of drinking too much may be able to say at that point, "I can cut back or I can quit" and actually do it.

But at some point the habit becomes an obsession, crossing over the line into addiction. That is where we need help. We can't do it alone. Admittedly there are some who could and did do it with the sheer might of their will, but most "addicts" have a weakened, flimsy will as well as low self-esteem.

We need to understand the nature of the mind and how we can gain control over it. The mind is like a tyrant, a dictator. It is oppressive. The mind, addicted to alcohol and or drugs has clearly become the master and we the servants.


We start removing the old grooves of habit and addiction by performing Agnihotra daily exactly at sunrise and sunset.

Performance of Agnihotra healing fire tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset expedites the recovery process by providing an immediate positive upliftment of the mind, neither drug or alcohol-induced (which pulls the mind down), but instead does just the opposite -- gives the mind a push upward that induces clear thinking.

Agnihotra gives a push to the mind in the right direction. Your ability to choose between right and wrong improves. Your will-power is strengthened. It has a profound healing affect on the mind and body.

When Agnihotra is performed, the atmosphere is purified. It is stated in the Vedic science of medicine called AYURVEDA that by inducing a beneficial change in the atmosphere, you bring about a change in the functioning of Prana (life energy). Prana and mind may be considered like two sides of the same coin. Whatever affects one will automatically affect the other. Prana is the life energy that connects man with the cosmos. Therefore, if you induce a beneficial change into the atmosphere, the beneficial effect is automatically transposed to the realm of the mind.

Agnihotra is the basic material aid to happy living as it brings about purification of the atmosphere and ultimately the mind. Agnihotra makes minds full of love. Agnihotra heals the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you.

You may belong to any faith; you may be an atheist or an agnostic. You will benefit from Agnihotra. Agnihotra is the basic material aid for all the biopsychological techniques given through Vedic knowledge to make the mind full of love towards all.


We stop the use of all drugs and alcohol.

Our aim is to free ourselves of the addictions that control us. Abstinence from substance abuse is critical in working the program. Your forced abstinence automatically gives you strength and builds character allowing you to work the balance of the program.

You stay straight/sober to work the program and by working the program you stay straight and sober.


We blast old habits and develop new ones by learning and practicing the secrets of sharing part of our material assets.

If we cultivate the habit of giving away part of our material possessions we have learned the secret of happy living. By practicing Daan you get used to the discipline of parting with or receiving material possessions without pride or dejection. This is DAAN. Daan sublimates your emotions regarding material possessions or lack of them. Daan will grant you a proper perspective of looking at your material possessions.

Daan is not merely giving cash or material possessions, Daan must be given without expecting to receive anything in return, including recognition.


We tell the truth regardless of circumstances or consequences.

To be happy we must attempt to eliminate all sources of disturbance to the mind. Divergence from truth creates complications in our daily dealings and leads to tension on the mind. Truth does not just mean true speech. Mind, speech and action should all depict truth. To pretend to be what we are not is not truthful behavior and it causes tension on the mind.

If we harbour untruth, fear is always our companion. It is far less cumbersome and less disturbing to practice truth regardless of the circumstances and consequences. By discarding truth in a single instance we cause a series of acts which are only conducive to misery.


We take steps to rid ourselves of self centered behavior by practicing humility and serving others.

Humility is the most important thing a person has to reach. If we are not humble we will not be able to see clearly or to think clearly. Humility does not mean thinking lesser of oneself. It is better to say that humility is thinking less on oneself and more on others. There should be less thinking of one's own problems, opinions and attitudes, and more concentration on service to our fellow man.

Humility is being willing to admit our mistakes, shortcomings, fears and inadequacies.

We should always think how best I can serve other people. What can I give of myself in service to another person?


We learn to train the mind to react with Love to every circumstance in life.

Training the mind to react with Love every moment helps to set up healthy life patterns and also helps to develop new sets of habits replacing negative ones.