As we humans all share the common desire to be happy, healthy and holy, when we come across ways to manifest these goals, we feel a strong compulsion to spread the word.

In India, a unique, though sad problem evolved in this century whereby more than 200,000 farmers committed suicide under the financial and other pressures that had been thrust upon them. Government of India was forced to subsidize farmers to prevent further such tragedies.

Homa Psychotherapy states that Agnihotra transposes to the mind, via the agency of Prana, clarity, serenity and perspective that not only feeds a detached state of mind, but fosters self- confidence leading to a feeling of being able to overcome difficulties.

Thus with Homa Organic Farming, besides the many benefits that accrue directly to plants, the positive results that have been observed in human behaviour and in emotional balance in several countries speak to the great value of Homa Psychotherapy for all of us.

As we have been told, do Agnihotra and Homa Therapy for your farm, but if you find you, your family and your workers benefiting directly themselves, don’t blame us. Certainly we will refund your misery should you wish to have it back.

The point is this. Polluted—and worse—atmosphere affects all living beings on our planet. This includes humans, animals and plants. It is not at all surprising, therefore, that processes connected with Homa Therapy, affect positively all living organisms.

Nature is restored to balance through Homa Therapy. Outside stresses on mind are reduced through Homa Therapy.

Double-blind studies I conducted at University of Pune demonstrated that if the three sunrise/sunset Agnihotra inputs are modified in any manner, the effects are not only diluted; they are non-existent.

Timing must be exact. Mantras must be recited properly. The three materials to be burnt are non- negotiable. Size and shape of the copper pyramid similarly must be exact.

Finally, quantum physics tells us that effects of some seemingly physical processes can and do have power much greater than pure physical science indicates. This is a hint into the Vedic prescriptions that state that effects of Agnihotra travel upward 12 km into ‘antariksha’ and 1 1/2 km diameter at ground level.
Can this be proven empirically yet? Not definitively.

This is the challenge. But the gauntlet has been thrown down.

Were we to wait until every ‘i’ is dotted or every ‘t’ crossed, it may be too late. Climate Change waits for no one.

If experiences have been noted and even anecdotal evidence is compiled that remain indisputable thus far, emergency conditions facing us all demand we perhaps compromise our scientific modalities to the extent that we jump in, try Homa Organic Farming and let the proof be in the pudding!