The Homa Therapy in-residence drug/alcohol de-addiction program.

Teachers Guide

Class 1: Introduction

In many endeavors of life, we are taught by someone or something how to function. In every case we are taught the basics first, i.e., you crawl before you walk. In most things we learn, the basics continue to be the focus of the teacher's efforts because they can never be forgotten if we are to be successful. In athletics or in music, dancing or cooking, the perfection of the basics is accomplished by continual practice of the basic fundamental elements of the activity that make the goal achievable. When we forget the basics we will ultimately fail because the basics are the foundations upon which everything is built. The Mind Training Program is the foundation (the basics) upon which we are able to build a life free of drugs and alcohol. The Mind Training Program gives us the ability to practice the guidelines of the Homa Therapy Drug Alcohol Program.

Ask Attendees: Why do we use drugs? What are we trying to accomplish?

List all answers given.

Write Out: Are we not in all cases ultimately trying to alter the state of our mind?

What is different about Homa Therapy is that you are given material and mental aids to uplift your state of mind without drugs. The goal is to (write out):

- React positively to all circumstances of life

- Achieve a state of mind that we do not want to alter with drugs

About the program

The purpose of the Homa Therapy Mind Training Program is to help people learn how to TRAIN THE MIND to relieve stress and bring about a state where happiness is not followed by unhappiness. It is possible to become happy without dependence on alcohol or drugs if we train the mind how to react positively to all circumstances in life. Most of our actions are aimed at achieving happiness and avoiding misery. Ultimately, our happiness depends on reducing tension on the mind. If the mind is full of tension then naturally we are not going to be happy. How can we reduce tension on the mind? First, we must understand what factors disturb the mind. There are many obvious causes of tension on the mind but unless we look to the root of the cause and until we examine the less obvious, subtle causes of tension we may overlook the very reason for our unhappiness. The Homa Therapy Mind Training Program takes a holistic approach to reducing tension on the mind and, therefore, concentrates on the basics of happy living as they have been described for millenniums. If we are to achieve happiness that is not followed by unhappiness, we must treat the causes not the symptoms or subsequent manifestations of tension on the mind. The Homa Therapy Mind Training Program offers a person the chance to learn and use material and mental aids that will bring about a state of happiness in the here and now. Our holistic approach deals with the basic factors that disturb the mind. These factors may not be as obvious as the resultant effects which cause us our pain and misery but unless they are dealt with our chances of happiness are minimal if not impossible.

For example: if one were to suddenly discover that our nervous system was not functioning properly, we would surely want to correct it because of the obvious effect it would have on the mind. However, the fact that our nervous system is not functioning properly may not be so obvious. One thing which prevents proper functioning of the nervous system is muscle tension. Muscle tension brings about mind tension and loss of mind energy. One factor in this disturbance is faulty bodily positions and improper posture. If the spine is not straight and there is pain in the body, there is loss of mind energy going to the pain or the bracing positions of the spine.

Simple Hatha Yoga exercises can help correct faulty bodily position by getting us into the habit of straightening the spine (sitting straight) which ultimately reduces tension on the mind. Another basic factor in the disturbance of the mind is wrong breathing. The average person uses only a small percentage of his breathing capacity. Proper breathing increases inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide which helps the nervous system. In Homa Therapy Mind Training Program we teach simple, easy to do Hatha Yoga and breathing exercises that will reduce the tension on the mind.

Pollution of the atmosphere is yet another factor which disturbs the mind and which people are generally unaware. Scientists today are keenly aware of the effects of pollution on our health, but what about the effect on the mind? Ancient science tells us that atmospheric pollution has a direct bad effect on the mind, let alone the havoc it causes to our bodily health. A simple example of pollution and atmosphere effect on the mind is to notice how differently one feels and acts when they immediately change their environment. Supposing you are in a crowded smoke-filled room and you feel troubled. What is the first thing you want to do? You want to get a breath of fresh air, right? So you leave and go to a quiet stream in the country and after a while, you feel better. But what has changed? You are still the same person with the same problem but the change in atmosphere made you feel better. So in a simple way one can see that atmosphere has a direct effect on the mind. In today's world, atmospheric pollution is rampant everywhere and there is nowhere to go to truly get a breath of fresh air. The useful layer of atmosphere around the planet is being destroyed; however, there is a way out. There is a solution. In the Homa Therapy Mind Training Program we will describe a material aid to undo the effects of pollution on the mind and get a breath of fresh air.

Habit patterns are another source of tension on the mind. All of us are in the grooves of certain habits which drain off mind energy. In the Mind Training Program we examine ways to conserve mind energy and to train the mind to develop good habits which do not drain the mind of its energy. The simple Mind Training Program offered, comes from the Vedic science of bioenergy. Vedas were given in Sanskrit language which is the mother of what European scholars call Indo-European language.

One can incorporate the Homa Therapy Mind Training program into his life to become happy here and now regardless of whether he is a Christian, Jew or Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, wise or otherwise. The Homa Therapy Mind Training Program will help us to learn how to react positively to all circumstances, without stress and anxiety and to begin experiencing contentment in life. None of this is possible unless the mind becomes tranquil. Is this all within our reach? The answer is emphatically "YES", if we employ methods to deal with the factors that disturb the mind. The methods addicts employ in an attempt to make the mind happy are indulgence in drugs and alcohol. Understanding that these methods are a direct cause of misery, and not happiness, is the first step to recovery from the grip of drug and alcohol addiction. We have become servants to our addictions. The Homa Therapy Mind Training Program provides us with the foundation upon which we can reverse this position so that we become the Master of our mind and its addictions. The objective of the Mind Training Program is to make that possible in a short period of time.