The Homa Therapy in-residence drug/alcohol de-addiction program.


The Homa Therapy In-residence Drug/Alcohol Deaddiction Program has been developed to provide a simple, holistic approach and solution for people suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

We offer a healing environment to all those who wish to become free of their physical and mental dependence on chemical substances.

"In any drug program the immediate objective is to break the physical and psychological dependence on the drug. Forced abstinence in a controlled environment when the person is willing may be a good beginning. If the willingness is lacking then there is more resistance and a more painful withdrawal syndrome. In either case, a way has to be found to fortify motivation to do away with drugs.

When we talk of motivation we bring in the mind factor. In HOMA Therapy the mind gets help by a material process based on copper pyramid fire energies which help motivation; hence, this program can be used independently or along with any other treatment module which does not involve substituting one drug for another.


"In any psychotherapeutic approach to rehabilitation programs for addicts the following things have to be noted:

1. Removal of physical addiction.
2. Removal of psychological dependence even when the addict is asymptomatic.
3. Removal of rebellious attitudes developed during and prior to therapy.
4. Taking steps to reduce withdrawal pains.
5. Persistence of urge for drug although the desire is reduced.
6. Subconscious pressure to indulge in imagery of pleasing experiences acquired during drug intake stage.
7. Eliminating the emotionally insecure state of the person and leading him to better health and habits.
8. To make social interaction smoother and increase efficiency in work, etc.
9. To help them stand on their own two feet by inculcating new habit patterns."

The HOMA Therapy In-residence Drug/Alcohol Deaddiction Program. It helps the addict to stand on his own two feet by removing habit patterns that lead to addictive behavior and replacing them with new ones. The new habit patterns are brought about by introducing biopsychological techniques given through VEDIC knowledge to change the way-the mind reacts to circumstances of daily life.

The aim of the program is to offer anyone at any level of addiction a way out. For the addict temporary removal from his/her environment is necessary. In the Homa Therapy In-residence Drug/Alcohol Deaddiction Program the addict is provided with material as well as mental aids to reshape his lifestyle so that he is able to function in society. The addict, regardless of education, intelligence level, religion, financial status, etc., can also learn from this program how to deal with his family, the pressures of a job and his own desires and attractions which when heeded lead him into trouble.

The basis of the program is to train the mind how to react positively to all circumstances in life. No doubt, this is a seemingly tall order. However, it is possible if we look into the science of medicine called AYURVEDA. It is stated in this ancient Vedic knowledge that by inducing a beneficial change in the atmosphere, you bring about a change in the functioning of PRANA (life energy). Prana and mind may be considered like two sides of the same coin. Whatever affects one will automatically affect the other. Therefore, if you induce a beneficial change into the atmosphere, the beneficial effect is automatically transposed to the realm of the mind.

"In the HOMA Therapy In-residence Drug/Alcohol Deaddiction Program we take help from nature's cycles, their effect on mind and the potential of copper pyramid fire called Agnihotra to mold the atoms of the mind and help make it full of love. Copper pyramid fire, which takes a few minutes every dawn and dusk, effects a beneficial change in the atmosphere and the atmosphere brings about a change in the mind of a person who is in that atmosphere. The patient needs only to come in this atmosphere and automatically his tension and anxiety are removed in a short time and he begins to get motivated to become better. No medicine is required to substitute for the drug.

"In any traditional treatment mode the role of the therapist is primal. However, if the therapist himself is in a troubled state of mind, his treatment mode is going to be seriously affected. In HOMA Therapy mode anyone can perform this copper pyramid fire and an assured result takes place. Most of the effort is taken over by nature, which is a great help. Especially for rehabilitation after removal of physical addiction, the patient takes big strides in recovery in HOMA Therapy mode of treatment."