A kind of mantra within a mantra is how we might think of ATMOSPHERE, PRANA, MIND.

Of course, the two mantras that must be said once in order to perform Agnihotra properly are crucial or, shall we say, non-negotiable.

When discussing the mind, it is helpful to reinforce the connection between the mind and daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra.

In a nutshell, Agnihotra has beneficial effects on atmosphere. One way this is done is through the agency of Prana, life energy, which is attracted and balanced during and after Agnihotra.

And since Prana and mind are inextricably connected, the improvement in Prana is transposed to the mind.

And as we are going to discuss PSYCHOSOMATIC issues, looking at our minds may prove enlightening.

Everything may be psychosomatic. The power of mind is such that…..thinking, willing and feeling—what more is there?

I have quoted the new age healer who said,”whatever the question, the answer is love.”

Mind and body are usually referred to when a discussion of psychosomatic physical problems and psychological imbalances is undertaken. In some circles psychosomatic implies ‘not real,’ as in “Your pain is all in your head, not really in your foot.” It’s not that simple.

If we subscribe to the principle (goal) of training our minds to react with love in all situations or circumstances, certainly our attitudes and perspectives will be optimised.

When reacting, if we speak nicely, truthfully and only when necessary, the closer we will be to love.

If we ‘speak’ to ourselves using the same guidelines, or ‘behave ourselves,’ as my generation was told to do when we were children, it follows that we will more likely react to OURSELVES with love.

If we can smile at our missteps rather than calling in our army of punishers, self-sabaoteurs, self-judgments, etc., future missteps likely will be reduced.

For example, many nutritionists encourage their clients not to diet when trying to lose weight. We don’t react well to extreme restrictions.

Increased appetite and burning up less calories when resting are unwanted ‘collateral damage’ when dieting without breaks. The current popularity with intermittent fasting—not eating during or after certain hours—may be looked at as a kinder, gentler road to weight loss.

If I can train my mind to react with love—or at least with positivity and perspective—avoiding illness or minimising it will be one big reward.

How did Mother Teresa avoid catching leprosy when spending so much time with lepers? She thought, felt and willed with love. Her trained mind protected her.

Yes it is true that past karma to an extent dictates our present and future. The point here is that our reactions are instrumental to using our power of discrimination in the best ways. So it can be said that psychosomatic factors play important roles.

Have you ever willed yourself not to get sick? I was warned while participating in an intense self-development program many years ago not to get sick. Despite physical labor beginning at 4 am in the snow and with subzero temperatures, I didn’t dare get sick—and I didn’t! Power of the mind.

Reacting with love seems to defuse confrontations or even minor issues with others. Humility is easier to manifest when we lead with love. Feeling humble makes it much easier to choose serenity and peace over being proven right.

And lest we forget, we aren’t here to massage or elevate our egos. Being proven right may be an ego-driven action.

Might not it be better to remember that an intense road to enlightenment is via SERVICE? And since service divided by ego is the measure of our DEVOTION, it all gets back to LOVE. Do the math.

Devotion is love, selfless service is love.

Whatever the question, the answer is love.

See how simple it is. But yes, just because it is simple, does not mean it is easy.