We ended last month’s article speaking of Surviving and Thriving.

If , as it is said, human beings use a very small percentage of our brain (and mind) power, might we be setting our standards and goals way too low?

Surviving the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges facing us these days is not a small accomplishment.

Simultaneously, it may not be enough.

It might be compared to asking someone, “What is the spiritual lesson life is trying to teach you behind your broken leg?”

Furthermore, just as false choices emerge—including choosing economic growth vs. Covid safety—so perhaps may be the ‘choice’ between surviving and thriving.
Notwithstanding the truths that each day is a miracle—each breath, in fact—that we have so much for which to be grateful, and that those of us with measurable amounts of FAITH find ourselves able to manage even dark and murky waters, it is a truism that positivity begets positivity.

To get practical, were humanity to treat physical problems proactively, fairly and comprehensively, then we should be better able to pursue matters of THRIVING.

Shree Vasant wrote that humans act as children of millionaires unaware of their fathers.

Were we to honor the sacredness of life and BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY, surviving would come naturally, and thriving would have a better chance of manifesting.

Very often in Alcoholics Anonymous members speak of the dramatic differences (improvements) in their behaviors after becoming clean and sober.

So it may be with surviving and thriving. And let us not forget we are all addicts— if not literally, then certainly figuratively.

So perhaps imagining our lives with more positive mindsets might indeed yield more positive results.

If we think the small fish tank we live in, is the extent of our world, we deny the possibility of a big, blue ocean.

Do our goals reflect the fish tank or the ocean?

“To Dream the Impossible Dream,” may be a bit dramatic, but it does make a memorable point.

The Fivefold Path has been described as “simple, but not easy.” That is not difficult to comprehend.

That it is also a bridge to higher spirituality and an escalator of sorts to subtle realms requires more effort to understand. And such real understanding comes through effort, not mere brainpower.

That this description falls into the THRIVING category is not an accident. It is my intention.